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Colour Safe Policy


The health and well-being of our clients is our absolute priority which is why we use testing and screening for sensitivity and reactions to check your suitability for our colour services.  Please note that you must be at least 16 years old to book in for a colour service.


Yes!  Most people who have their hair coloured experience no problems but a few can be allergic to some of the ingredients in hair dye.  Allergies develop over time so even if you have had your hair coloured before you could still develop an allergy which is why it is so important for us to perform an Allergy Alert Test and regular screening.   

Some salons may carry out a colour service without first performing an allergy test but that would compromise your safety and that’s not something we’re prepared to do here.



If you are already a colour client in our salon we will ask you a set of screening questions before every appointment which will help us decide if you need to have an allergy alert test before your next colour service.  If you are a new colour client then you will need to book a full colour consultation which will include hair and scalp assessment, screening and an allergy alert test.


The way we carry out these tests has changed. The 2 testing options are detailed below.  Our preferred system for the majority of clients is Colourstart Passport as it is quick, convenient and reduces exposure to the chemicals which some people can develop an allergy to over time.


This is a new and exciting MHRA approved self-application patch test (Colourstart) which offers you a safe and convenient way to test your suitability for a colour service and securely store your results in your personal online portal (Passport).  For future colour services all you have to do is answer the 6 screening questions and if your result is a green GO AHEAD tick you will not need to apply a Colourstart test again.

Follow 5 simple steps to begin your Colourstart Passport journey:

STEP 1: Register on the Colourstart website by clicking here and create your own personal Passport or for quick and easy access download the new Colourstart app from the App Store or Google Play. 

STEP 2: Answer the six screening questions to find out if the Colourstart test is suitable for you and then share your results with us via Passport so that we know you need to test

STEP 3:  Buy your Colourstart test from us and we’ll send it out straight away.  The Colourstart test costs £15

STEP 4:  Apply your Colourstart test after watching the video below and at least 5 days before your colour service:  Remember to upload a photo of the test on your arm to start your timer!


STEP 5: After 48 hours remove the patch, wait another 48 hours to monitor for a reaction and then upload your final results to Passport, share with us and we’ll be in touch to book your colour service (if not already scheduled).  It is essential that you upload your result and share with us before your colour service can go ahead. 

If you want a test that is simple, safe and convenient, and stores your test and screening history in your personal online Passport portal then choose Colourstart.


OPTION 2: AAT (ALLERGY ALERT TEST) - For clients unable to use Colourstart Passport

You will need to pop into the salon at least 48 hours and not more than 4 days before your colour appointment and a member of our team will complete the Allergy Alert Test for you. 

The test is simple, we mix equal quantities of colour and peroxide together and apply to a cleaned area of skin on the inside of your elbow.

This must then be left uncovered for 45 minutes, after which it can be removed using warm water only – shampoo, soap or wipes should not be used.

It can take a little while before a reaction occurs which is why the test must be performed at least 48 hours prior to your colour service.

If you experience any signs of irritation, reddening, inflammation or itching please contact us to let us know.  If you develop symptoms that make you unwell please contact a medical professional.  If you have no reaction to the test then you can continue with your colour service as usual.   

If you use the AAT method of testing then you will need to have a test every 12 months unless our screening indicates that you need to have another test before that.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Colour Safe Policy and we hope it reassures you that your safety and comfort is our priority.  If you have any questions just let us know. 

We look forward to seeing you in the salon for your colour appointment soon.